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End up doing something

(УК) Коли ви починаєте щось робити, і ви закінчуєте з чимось, що ви не планували (РУ) Когда вы начинаете что-то делать, и вы заканчиваете с чем-то, что вы не планировали
- I went to the supermarket to buy bread and I ended up filling the cart. - I met my friends on Friday to have a glass of beer and have fun, well, we ended up in jail for a trouble we caused being drunk
Don’t drink much guys ))))) have a nice weekend )))))))

Take turn doing something


Pick something up

(УК) Підхоплювати, Заїхатиза. (РУ) Подхватывать, Заехать за.
- Good day, I have come to pick my watch up, is it ready?.
- Don’t pick food on the street.

Get sidetracked

(УК) Oтвлекаться от чего-то важного (РУ) Bідволікатися від чогось важливого
-You have not finished cleaning your room as you promised?! - Sorry, I got sidetracked, my friends dropped by, and I got sidetracked.

-I have burnt the French fries; I got sidetracked texting Max in Facebook.

Make up my/your/her…. mind

Synonyms: Decide  
(УК) Прийматирішення (РУ) Приниматьрешение
-Have you made up your mind which dress you are buying?
-They have not made up their mind to go or not yet. 

About to

(УК) Збиратися зробити щось дуже скоро. (РУ) Собираться сделать что-то очень скоро.
-(The meeting starts at 12:00, now it is 11:58) Where are the rest of the staff? We are about to start the meeting?
-I have washed all the vegetables, cut the meet, now I am abut to cook.

keep one’s chin up

(УК) Залишатися хоробрими і продовжувати намагатися(РУ) Оставаться храбрыми и продолжать пытаться-I know things have been difficult for us recently, but let’s keep our chin up.
-keep your chin up, we're not lost yet.

The most used verb with preposition At

-Arrive at (a place)
-Be angry at/with (someone) for (something) -Be annoyed at/with (someone) for (something) -Gaze at -Glare at -Laugh at -Look at -Shout at -Smile at (someone)
-Stare at

I’m not following you

(УК)  Використовуйте це, якщо ви не розумієте інструкції, вказівки чи пояснення (РУ)  Используйте это, если вы не понимаете инструкции, указания или объяснения
- … turn left, then left again, go straight the go right …
+ Sorry, I am not following you, can you repeat that? 

The most used verb with preposition OF

·Accuse (someone) of (something) ·Approve of ·Be afraid of ·Be aware of ·Be capable of ·Be composed of ·Be envious of ·Be fond of ·Be frightened of ·Be guilty of ·Be innocent of ·Be jealous of ·Be made of ·Be proud of ·Be scared of

The most used verb with preposition For

-Account for -Admire (someone) for (something) -Apologize to (someone) for (doing something) -Apply for (a job / scholarship) -Arrange for (someone) (to do something) -Arrest (someone) for (something) -Ask (someone) for (something) -Be angry at/with (someone) for (something) -Be annoyed at/with (someone) for (something) -Be famous for -Be grateful to (someone) for (something)

In the nick of time

(УК) В останню мить (РУ) В последний момент
-We got into the train just in the nick of time.
-They got to thehospital in thenick of time,just as the babywasabout to be born.
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Chip in

(УК) скидатися / скинутися грошима (РУ) скидываться/ скинуться деньгами
It is Ivan’s birthday soon, let’s chip in 300 Hryvnia to buy him a gift. We have chipped in to pay the bank loan for 3 years.

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